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The PlotEdit

The plot, although not as complex as in other games in the genre, diverges enough from the historical Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War to provide a multitude of plot twists and shocking surprises. It starts off with Jeanne, who, with her childhood friend Liane and their companion, Roger, becomes embroiled in the horror of war when an English detachment of soldiers and inhuman monster razes her village —acquiring in the process a mysterious golden armlet, from which she hears the voice of God commanding her to save France from the invaders. Thus begins Jeanne's fight to release her country from the grasp of Englishmen controlled by the demon . Along the way, she will meet with various historical figures such as Étienne de Vignolles, aka La Hire; Arthur de Richemont, and even King Charles VII, many of which appear as enemies, allies or even party members, though all have been equally reimagined to fit the fantastic setting of the game.

The Demon GilvarothEdit

The English empire had been controlled by the demonic forces and led by the Gilvaroth an ancient powerful demon, leader of the reapers which then possessed Henry VI  through dark ritual made by  Bedford, Henry VI's uncle and strategist  who is one of armlet wearers. There are 4 Reapers which possessed Duke of Burgundy or Philip, Roger who is one of Jeanne friends, Georges; Charles' assistant, and Queen Isabeau, Charles' mother and former queen. However, they all get absorbed by Henry VI.