Coup de Grace Skill Stones Edit

Weapon Name MP Level Recipe 1 Recipe 2 Recipe 3 Description
Sword Flash Strike 28 3 N/A N/A N/A A single, scintillating attack to fell the opposition. Deals damage to one enemy
Sword Follow Me! 20 5 Mighty Roar + Raise Force Mighty Roar + Attack+3 N/A A  mighty cry  to stir up comrades. Raises the attack of allies within a 4 square radius for several turns.
Sword Crescent Arc 34 10 Flash Strike + Luna Spirit 1 Attack+3 + Luna Spirit 1 N/A Flashes the blade in an arc that evokes moonlight. Strikes the 3 squares directly ahead.
Sword Triple Slash 51 18 Flash Strike + Crescent Arc​ Flash Strike + Cyclone N/A Charges the user's aura to a blade that strikes from three directions​ at once. Deals damage to one enemy.
Sword Spirit Sword 52 19 Ice Bullet II + Attack+5 Skewer Shot + Crescent Arc N/A Concentrates the surrounding aura into a sharp blade. Attacks all directly adjacent enemies at once.
Sword Follow Me! II 30 25 Follow Me + Mighty Roar Follow Me + Attack+10 N/A Heroic daring that drives allies' fear away. Greatly raises the attack ​of surrounding allies.
Sword Blood Sword 30 25  HP 50 + Spirit Sword  HP Recovery + Spirit Sword N/A Curses the bearer's weapon with a thirst for blood. Absorbs HP equal to half the damage dealt.
Sword Tempest Sword 75 26  Spirit Sword + Cyclone II Cyclone II + Sweep N/A Wields a storm as if it were rage and blows foes to bits.
Sword Jugulaire 55 28  Wood Chop + Sniper II Critical Edge + Triple Slash N/A Ensures all single enemy attacks are critical hits for several turns.
Sword Heaven's Gate 100 37 Heal II + Triple Slash Tempest Sword + Undead Slayer N/A A merciful attack that opens the gates to a peaceful afterlife. Deals mortal damage to one enemy.
Sword War Reverie 94 39 Follow Me! II + Man Eater 4 Hits + Tempest Sword N/A A hundred battles pass like a fleeting dream. Attacks all nearby foes, one after another.
Sword Blood Sword 2 82 42 Magic Attack+10 + Blood Sword HP Recovery II + Blood Sword N/A Turns the bearer's weapon into a malevolent demon. Absorbs HP equal to the damage dealt.
Sword Hymm of Glory 115 45 Inferno + War Reverie N/A N/A A glorious attack blessed by all. Unleashes a powerful attack on the 7 squares directly ahead.
Spears Impale 35 11 Ice Bullet + Piercing Power Ice Bullet + Attack+3 N/A

Strike down numerous foes at once with a single thrust. Attacks 7 squares in a straight line.


Leg Strike

45 18 Crescent Arc + Lower Force Gold Snatcher + Gold Shakedown N/A Trips up the enemy with a long hilt. Stuns enemies in addition to dealing damage.
Spears Sweep! 55 19 Leg Strike + Triple Slash Body Slam + Raise Mobility N/A Use the lance's length to mow down many foes at once. Attacks a wide area straight ahead.
Spears Pierce! 55 19 Impale + Attack+5 Lower Defense + Piercing Power N/A Bust through enemy armor with a sharp thrust. Deals damage regardless of a foe's defense.​
Spears Take Flight! 60 20 Sniper + Thunderbolt Accuracy+10 + Thunderbolt N/A Take off like a bird and launch a thrust from above. Surmounts all obstacles to strike far off foes.​
Spears Ravage! 82 28 Desperation III + Accuracy 10 Raise Mobility + Jugulaire N/A Become a true demon and take on surrounding foes alone. Attacks enemies 2 squares away.
Spears Pierce! II 155 36 Skewer Shot + Pierce Piercing Power II + Attack+10 N/A Bust through even heavy armor and go for the kill. Deals big damage regardless of foe's defense.
Spears Destroy! 103 44 Sinister Storm + Ravage N/A N/A Slay all in your path with a cyclonic attack. Launches a fierce attack against a wide area directly ahead.
Axes Wood Chop 22 3 N/A N/A N/A
Axes Mighty Roar 45 5 Flash Strike + Lower Force Follow Me! + Lower Force N/A The roar of a fearsome beast. Can paralyze enemies in the 3 squares directly ahead.
Axes Compass 53 15 Crescent Arc + Wood Chop Cyclone + Wood Chop N/A Use brute force to swing your weapon in a wide radius. Attacks all surrounding foes at once.
Axes Helm Splitter 62 18 Thunderbolt II + Wood Chop Take Flight! + Lower Defenses N/A A full force attack that cleaves an enemy helm in two. Deals heavy damage and lowers defense.
Axes Dire Swing 49 31 Helm Splitter + Wood Chop Critical Edge + Wood Chop N/A A ruthless slash that cuts through bones an all, leaving only a pitiful shell. Always critical if it hits.
Bows Sniper 21 5 Accuracy+5 + Lower Force N/A N/A Use keen archer senses to always hit the target. Guarantees a hit, but greatly lessens damage.
Bows Poison Arrow 32 9 Sniper + Poison N/A N/A A poison tipped arrow that is a tradition of hunting peoples. Inflicts poison as well as damage.
Bows Sniper II 53 14 Accuracy+10 + Sniper Attack+5 + Sniper N/A Use keen archer senses to always hit the target. Guarantees a hit, but slightly lessens damage.
Bows Stun Arrow 52 15 Sniper + Lower Force N/A N/A An arrow tipped with a powerful tranquilizer. Paralyzes foes in addition to dealing damage.
Bows Recovery Shot 32 15 Skewer Shot + HP Recovery Heal II + Impale Sniper II + Heal II A first aid shot that fires a healing arrow into an ally. Restores a lot of hp to a far away target.
Bows Meteor Bolt 56 23 Fireball II + Impale​ Fireball II + Stella Spirit II N/A A dense aura that tears the sky and pierces the enemy. A secret bow technique that deals big damage.
Bows Toxic Arrow 74 27 Sniper II + Poison Arrow N/A N/A A poisonous attack that fills the battlefield with agonized screams. Inflicts damage and strong poison.
Bows Sniper III 78 27 Sniper II + Skewer Shot Sniper II + Accuracy+30 N/A Use keen archer sense to always hit the target. Guarantees a hit without compromising damage.
Bows Sky Dart 70 30 Meteor Bolt + Take Flight! Mobility+1 + Take Flight! N/A An arrow of light shot heavenward that chases its prey to Earth's end. Attacks anywhere on the map.
Bows Skewer Shot 55 31 Sniper II + Fireball II Piercing Power II + Aero Dagger  Piercing Power II + Sniper II Draw the bow taut and run one foe after another through. Attacks all enemies in a straight line at once.
Bows Sniper IV 103 40 Attack+20 + Sniper III Lightning + Sniper III N/A Sight enemy weak points with the accuracy of God himself. Ensures a hit for heavy damage.
Bows Salvo 110 42 Meteor + Sky Dart N/A N/A An assault of arrows that rains down wherever you aim. Randomly attacks a wide area.
Daggers Gold Shakedown 15 3 N/A N/A N/A
Daggers Skill Shakedown 31 3 Shadow Stitch + EXP Bonus III N/A N/A
Daggers Shadow Stitch 20 4 Sniper II + Lower Force Two Hits + Lower Force N/A Sews a foe's shadow to the ground, restricting movement. Paralyzes foes in addition to dealing damage.
Daggers Venom Edge 25 5 Poison + Flash Strike N/A N/A Attacks with a blade coated in venom. Sometimes poisons in addition to dealing damage.
Daggers Provoke 35 8 Desperation + Evade+5 Lower Defense + Evade + 5 N/A Taunts the enemy to draw their attention. Makes the user more prone to attack for 1 turn.
Daggers Two Hits 42 12 Two Rounds + Raise Mobility N/A N/A Unleashes a string of attacks faster than the eye can register. Attacks twice in one go.
Daggers Aero Dagger 38 14 Skewer Shot + Cyclone II Cyclone II + Accuracy+10 N/A Hurls a knife in a straight line at the targeted foe. Can attack an enemy up 7 squares away.
Daggers Strange Dance 29 14 Gold Snatcher + Lower Force Gold Shakedown + Lower Force N/A Sap energy from foes with an odd dance that's...not meant to be odd. Lowers attack for several turns.
Daggers Bomb 60 19 Aero Dagger + Fireball II Aero Dagger + Sol Spirit+2 Fireball II + Flame Sends a bomb rolling toward the enemy's feet. Deals damage to a wide area around the target.
Daggers Three Hits 71 30 Two Hits + Two Hits Two Hits + Two Rounds N/A Unleashes a string of attacks faster than the eye can register. Attacks thrice in one go.
Daggers Four Hits 115 46 Three Hits + Three Hits Three Hits + Three Rounds N/A Unleashes a string of attacks faster than the eye can register. Attacks four times in one go.
Staves Swap 58 25 Take Flight! + Magic Attack+3 N/A N/A High support spell. Twists the fabric of space to swap the caster's position with that of a chosen ally.
Staves Earthquake 225 29 Thor's Hammer + Body Slam N/A N/A Ultimate magic that leads good and evil to nature's appointed end. Shakes up friends and foes alike.
Staves Lightning 132 30 Piercing Power II + Thunderbolt II Piercing Power II + MP+30 N/A High offensive spell. (Neutral) Sets off a supercharged blast that deals heavy damage to one enemy.
Staves Revivify 180 33 Healing Wind II + Cure HP Recovery II + Magic Attack+10 N/A High recovery spell. Breathes life into the fallen to revive allies.
Staves Mind Eater 5 36 Mind Breaker + Impale MP+20 + Blood Sword N/A Steals an opponent's magic. Ancient taboo. Absorb target's MP.
Staves Thor's Hammer 260 36 Magic Attack+20 + Sky Dart N/A N/A The ultimate stella magic. An ancient thunder God's hammer parts the heavens in judgment.
Staves Sinister Storm 260 36 Magic Attack+20 + Ravage N/A N/A The ultimate neutral spell. Summons a tornado of loathing that gouges the earth.
Staves Angel's Tear 260 36 Magic Attack+20 + Healing Perfume N/A N/A The ultimate luna magic. A single droplet's purity washes all away in a raging torrent.
Staves Inferno 260 36 Magic Attack+20 + War Reverie N/A N/A The ultimate sol magic. Summons hellfire through a sinister pact, turning the battlefield to cinders.
Staves Meteor 210 40 Flame II + Sky Dart Fireball II + Salvo N/A High offensive spell. Causes a meteor shower that deals random damage to enemies within range.
Whips Gold Snatcher 15 3 N/A N/A N/A
Whips Stun Whip 33 5 Tail Whip + Lower Force N/A N/A Ties up foes after striking them. Sometimes paralyzes enemies in addition to dealing damage.
Whips Jezebel's Slave 31 6 Provoke + Lower Force Stun Whip + Lower Defenses Gold Snatcher + Magic Attack+5 Charm the enemies with a tantalizing pose. Makes the user more prone to attack for 1 turn.
Whips Skill Snatcher 31 17 Jezebel's Slave + Shadow Stitch Exp Bonus II + Shadow Stitch N/A Filch skill stones the enemy is carrying. We might even snag us one stone at random, loves.
Whips Jezebel's Slave II 54 21 Jezebel's slave + Mind Eater Jezebel's Slave + Blood Sword 2 N/A Play up certain irresistible. assets to seduce the enemy. Makes the user more prone to attack for 3 turns.
Whips Wild Whip 105 24 Meteor + Compass Three Hits + Two Rounds Meteor + Tail Whip Crack your whip indiscriminately, as if possessed by an ice queen. Randomly attack a wide area.

Innate Skill Stones Edit

Weapon Name Level Recipe 1 Recipe 2 Recipe 3 Description
Sword Counter 10 Raise Mobility + Triple Slash Exp Bonus + Raise Mobility N/A Predict, dodge, and return blows. Counters a percentage of enemy attacks without taking damage.​
Sword Adroit 20 Counter + Evade+10 Exp Bonus + Preemptive N/A Meet assaults from any direction. No disadvantage when attack from back or sides.
Sword Counter II 34 Counter + Preemptive Sneak By + Evade+10 N/A Dodge an attack and rebound with a powerful counterattack. Deals heavy damage when countering. 
Spears Piercing Power 7 N/A N/A N/A
Spears Piercing Power II 18 Piercing Power + Attack+10 Exp Bonus + Piercing Power N/A Use the wielder's weight to negate damage drop to distant target when piercing two foes.
Spears Piercing Power III 30 Attack+20 + Piercing Power II Exp Bonus II + Piercing Power II N/A Use all the wielder's weight to deliver heavy damage, even to distant foes.
Axes Desperation 4 N/A N/A N/A
Axes Desperation II 13 Desperation + Raise Force Lower Defense + Attack+3 N/A Become a death-seeking warrior, swinging with abandon. Greatly raises attack but greatly lowers defense.
Axes Desperation III 30 Provoke + Desperation II Mighty Roar + Desperation II N/A Parallel a warrior willing to give all to kill his foe. Gain fearsome attack, but also perilous defense.
Daggers Sneak By 12 Mobility+1 + Evade+10 N/A N/A An agent's tech for slipping past nearby foes. Enables movement through an enemy square.
Staves Mindbreaker 10 Helm Splitter + Magic Rust Jezebel's Slave + Magic Rust N/A A wallop of negative magic hinders enemy spell casting. Deals damage to MP as well when attacking.
Whips Healing Perfume 20 Jezebel's Slave + Healing Wind II Jezebel's Slave + HP Recovery II N/A An adult scent mixed with an odd healing medicine. Restores some HP to all allies each turn.
Whips Slip Through 10 N/A N/A N/A

Magic Skill Stones Edit

Name MP Level Recipe 1 Recipe 2 Recipe 3 Description
Fireball 36 5 Sol Spirit 1 + Sol Spirit 1 N/A N/A Offensive spell (sol). Hurls a giant ball of flame at the enemy.​
Fireball II 65 15 Sniper II + Fireball Fireball + Sol Spirit+2 N/A Offensive spell (sol). Hurls and enormous fireball that chars to the bone.
Flame 52 7 Sol Spirit+2 + Sol Spirit+2 N/A N/A Offensive spell (sol). Scorches the area in a fierce torrent of flame.
Flame II 18 105 Bomb + Flame Sol Spirit+3 + Flame Sol Spirit+3 + Mighty Roar Offensive spell (sol). Turns the areas to ash in a storm of blazing fire.
Ice Bullet 6 36 Luna Spirit+1 + Luna Spirit+1 N/A N/A Offensive spell (luna). Fires an icy projectile at enemies.
Ice Bullet II 65 16 Crescent Arc + Ice Bullet Luna Spirit+2 + Magic Shield Luna Spirit+2 + Magic Defense + 5 Offensive spell (luna). Mercilessly impales an enemy on myriad lances of ice.
Blizzard 52 11 Luna Spirit+2 + Luna Spirit+2 N/A N/A Offensive spell (luna). Turns the area to ice with cold, raging winds.
Blizzard II 105 20 Spirit Sword + Compass Spirit Sword + Crescent Arc Blizzard + Luna Spirit+3 Offensive spell (luna). Whirls up an ice tempest that freezes all in the area.
Thunderbolt  36 7 Stella Spirit+1 + Stella Spirit+1 N/A N/A Offensive spell (stella). Rains lightning down on an enemy's head.
Thunderbolt II 65 17 Take Flight + Thunderbolt Stella Spirit+2 + Thunderbolt N/A Offensive spell (stella). Sunders the heavens and strikes an enemy dead.
Cyclone 52 11 Stella Spirit+2 + Stella Spirit+2 N/A N/A Offensive spell (stella). Swirls through an area and dices enemies with a violent windstorm.
Cyclone II 105 22 Sweep + Compass Sweep + Stella Spirit+3 Compass + Stella Spirit+3 Offensive spell (stella). Swallows the enemy horde in a vortex that rips through the area.
Heal 28 3 N/A N/A N/A Recovery spell. Mends wounds with its pure light. Restores HP to target (normal).
Heal II 56 16 Heal + HP+20 Heal + Magic Attack+3 N/A Recovery spell. Mends dire wounds with the light of God's mercy. Restores HP to the target (high).
Healing Wind 68 9 Cyclone II + Heal Heal II + Cyclone N/A Recovery spell. Its balmy winds become comfort to all. Restores HP to all allies in the area (normal).
Healing Wind II 103 24 Healing Wind + HP Recovery Breath + Heal II Mighty Roar + HP+50 Recovery spell. Its merciful light heals all who behold it. Restores HP to all allies in the area (high).

Stat Skill Stones Edit

Name Level Recipe 1 Recipe 2 Description
HP+30 13 HP+20 + Luna Spirit+1 N/A Increases HP by 30.
HP + 50 17 HP+30 + Luna Spirit+1 HP+30 + HP+30 Increases HP by 50.
HP + 100 23 HP+50 + Luna Spirit+2 HP+50 + HP+50 Increases HP by 100
HP + 150 35 HP+100 + HP+100 HP+100 + Luna Spirit+3 Increase HP by 150
MP + 20 15 MP+10 + Luna Spirit+1 N/A Increases MP by 20
MP + 30 19 MP + 20 + Luna Spirit 1 MP + 20 + MP + 20 Increases MP by 30
MP + 50 27 MP + 30 + Luna Spirit 2 MP + 30 + MP + 30 Increases MP by 50
MP + 100 34 MP + 50 + MP + 50 MP + 50 + Luna Spirit 3 Increase MP by 100
Attack + 3 1 Raise Force + Sol Spirit 1 N/A Increases attack by 3
Attack + 5 6 Attack + 3 + Sol Spirit 1 N/A Increases attack by 5.
Attack + 10 13 Attack + 5 + Attack + 5 Attack + 5 + Sol Spirit 2 Increases attack by 10
Attack + 20 21 Attack + 10 + Attack + 10 Attack + 10 + Sol Spirit 3 Increases attack by 20
Magic Attack + 5 11 Magic Attack + 3 + Sol Spirit 1 N/A Increases magic attack by 5
Magic Attack + 10 16 Magic Attack + 5 + Magic Attack + 5 Magic Attack + 5 + Sol Spirit 2 Increases magic attack by 10
Magic Attack + 20 21 Magic Attack + 10 + Magic Attack + 10 Magic Attack + 10 + Sol Spirit 3 Increases magic attack by 20
Defense + 3 5 Raise Defense + Stella Spirit 1 N/A Increases Defense by 3
Defense + 5 10 Defense + 3 + Stella Spirit 2 N/A Increases defense by 5
Magic Defense + 3 3 Magic Shield + Stella Spirit 1 N/A Increases Magic Defense by 3
Magic Defense + 5 10 Magic Defense + 3 + Stella Spirit 2 N/A Increases magic defense by 5
Accuracy + 10 13 Accuracy + 5 + Accuracy + 5 N/A Increases accuracy by 10
Evade + 10 16 Evade + 5 + Evade + 5 N/A Increases evade by 10
HP Recovery II 21 HP Recovery + HP Recovery N/A A crystal full of life's mysterious ability to endure harsh conditions. Restores 20% of HP each turn.
HP Recovery III 35 HP Recovery 2 + HP Recovery 2 HP Recovery 2 + HP + 100 A crystal full of life's mysterious ability to endure harsh conditions. Restores 30% of HP each turn.
Exp Bonus II 15 Exp Bonus + Exp Bonus N/A A stone that has traveled eternity and seen the art of war perfected. Multiplies EXP earned by 150%.
Exp Bonus III 22 Exp Bonus 2 + Exp Bonus 2 N/A A stone that has traveled eternity and seen the art of war perfected. Multiplies EXP earned by 200%.
Exp Bonus IV 29 Exp Bonus 3 + Exp Bonus 3 N/A A stone that has traveled eternity and seen the art of war perfected.Multiplies EXP earned by 300%.
Preemptive 38 Accuracy + 10 + Evade + 10 Counter + Raise Mobility An odd stone that invites carelessness on the part of foes. Counterattack before their attack instead of after.
Dragon Slayer 30 Ravage + Luna Spirit 2 N/A A stone housing ancient braves who brought dragons to bay. Deals additional damage to wyverns.
Devil Slayer 30 Sniper 3 + Luna Spirit 2 N/A A miraculous demon-repelling stone with God's mark. Deals additional damage to demons.
Undead Slayer 27 Healing Wind 2 + Sol Spirit 2 N/A A heaven-blessed stone full of divine power. Deals additional damage to undead.
Goliath Slayer 27 Helm Splitter + Stella Spirit 2 N/A A dishonorable stone that reminds giants of their days of defeat. Deals additional damage to giants. 
Man Eater 25 Two Hits + Luna Spirit 2 N/A A stone that curses weapons with a loathing of mankind. Deals additional damage to humans.
Beast Slayer 24 Triple Slash + Sol Spirit 2 N/A A stone that causes weapons to confuse a beast's instincts. Deals additional damage to beasts.
Mobility + 2 32 Mobility + 1 + Mobility + 1 Mobility + 1 + Raise Mobility A stone that floats in midair by some strange force. Lightens the bearer and increases mobility by 2.
Three Rounds 45 Two Rounds + Two Rounds N/A The crystallized souls of heroes drunk on battle. Fight a third round with opponents.