Race Human
Nationality French
Gender Female
Voiced by
Japanese Mamiko Noto
English Honorine Bell

Liane is one of the first three playable characters.

Character overviewEdit

A kind and quiet girl from Domrémy, Jeanne and Liane have had a close sibling-like relationship since they were very young. While she can sometimes be prone to silly mistakes, Liane is a calm young woman who is more perceptive of others' feelings than her friend, particularly when she sadly tells Roger that he is obviously in love with Jeanne despite Liane herself being in love with Roger.


As Jeanne rises to meet her destiny and lead the French to victory against the English, the timid Liane fights by Jeanne's side as a devoted and dedicated companion. When Jeanne appears to have died in battle (really she was trapped in another world and rescued by the English knight from the beginning of the game, who then proceeded to teach her), Liane inherited her magical armlet and took up her mantle on the battlefield. Unfortunately, she is captured by the English (who mistake her for the real Jeanne) and have her burnt at the stake as a witch. Her death greatly haunts both Jeanne and Roger.


  • Her hobby is making sweets.