The reapers are demonic warriors from ancient times. They fought against humanity and nearly defeated them. Until the armlet wielders defeated them, which ultimately ended the Hundred Year War. Until several years later when the Duke of Bedford experimented with with the reapers and sealing them into people.

The Reaped These are the unfortunate people who have reapers sealed within there bodies. They are affected by the reapers. The only way to have a reaper live in your body is to give it your heart and soul. By doing so, the reaper can manipulate you to believe anything it desires.

Here are the known reapers in Jeanne d'Arc:

  • Roger - Ira
  • Georges - Avaritia
  • Duke of Burgundy - Superbia
  • Queen Isabeu - Luxuria

Reapers cannot be removed without Gilvaroth absorbing them.Reapers cannot die, they only become dormant as long as the hosts can control their own feelings. Each of the reapers posses menacing power. Ira is the strongest of them all (except for Gilvaroth).