Race Human
Nationality French
Gender Male
Voiced by
Japanese Akira Ishida
English Yuri Lowenthal

Roger is the third playable character in the game.


Roger has brown hair and golden eyes.



He was found by Jeanne's father Jacques after he saw him wandering near the village. He had no memory of what happened before him.

It is later revealed that he was a test subject in a facility at Soldat. He was hired as a sellsword but used to test the ability to release Reapers through human souls. They killed hundreds, but only Roger's soul took to it. He escaped the facility though and the experiments were closed.


Roger appeared after Jeanne's fight in the church. They run back to the village to find it burning.

Roger accompanies Jeanne and Liane and head to enlist for the French army.

In BattleEdit

His main weapon is the sword, and he doesn't get his armlet until the end of the game. He may not be the best attacker in the game, but he can survive because of his well-rounded stats.